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Image Our World

Image our world, inspire our world, impact our world.

This website enables you to host images and display them on a map. The service automatically applies the geo-location, compass direction and date of creation of the image and places the encoded image on the map. Images can be referenced and searched by multiple tags.

Images can be placed individually, show a route or local area, or be viewed over time to monitor changes at a specific location or within a particular type of environment.

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Image Sorting

Location Search

Location Search allows you to filter images by a specified location. The search tool is located on the right-hand side of the screen as a map. The instructions for use are located below it.

If no location is selected, global results are listed.

Tag Search

Tag search allows you to search by uploaded image tags.

Time Search

Tag search allows you to search by upload time.

Display Types

Hot: Image our World uses a custom sorting algorithm to ensure the newest, most popular content appears at the top, while older, less popular content appears lower in the list.

Top: This option lists the most popular photos of all time.

New: This option lists photos by date of upload.

Custom Map

To create a map with specific images on it, go to http://imageourworld.com/map and add on the end ?ids=<Image Ids seperated with a +>

Contact Us

Contact us at contact@imageourworld.com

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